Pricing Your Services


$45 + $4.50 GST, Postage in Australia included

Accurately Calculate your hourly “Seat time”

Plan your Price Strategy and Structure

Target Clients that value your services

Learn Strategies for raising your Prices

Study Sales & Price Techniques that other Salons use.

Set Price Strategies to maximise your profit

Understand Cost + Margin and Perceived Value Pricing.

How Discounting, Sales and Offers impact on your business

Set and Monitor Profitable Benchmarks

Create Practical Bonus & Commission Programs


I love to sit down and read a book, especially when it helps me understand the main skills needed to be successful in my business.

How to calculate price needs and develop a price rise strategy, is the key profit generating skill for small business owners. Maintaining your hard earned Profit margin, requires you to determine which Benchmarks need to be monitored, and how you should reward and motivate your to team.

This book is spells out, practical examples of how to accurately calculate your hourly price needs. It also goes in depth, into strategies, that are used in our industry to set prices using the perceived value Price Model. Then moves on to how to create price increase strategies and the effects and benefits of various promotional activities. Finally, the book addresses the important skills of Benchmarking and preparing Bonus and Commission Structures.

This is practical, easy to understand, Business Management Education. If you use this book in tandem with APP you will have powerful tools, that enable you to always be, on top of your price structure, your staff levels and your profit margin.

I know you will enjoy this book, and I’m sure it will relieve you of some of the stress involved in the day to day operation of your business.

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