What are the Aims:

Hairdressing is a vibrant ever-changing industry, so as to ensure that the standard of education remains ahead of trend, all teachers are required to update their currency on an annual basis.

Our aim at Elite Hair Education is to:

  • Assist you with your industry currency evidence
  • Provide you with documentation evidence of industry currency
  • Present our Education on Facebook Live via your Phone, Tablet or Desktop.

You will be able to access our two hour look & learn session and have the use of the video afterwards to practice the skills in current industry cutting trends. The Industry Currency Training is for evidence in the 5 core cutting units & 2 elective units from Group A- General Hairdressing contained in the current national training package SHB30416 Certificate iii in Hairdressing.

Our Program is not Competency Training for the 7 units nor an upgrade of the units. It is Industry Currency Training, a part of the evidence for you to apply towards the cutting units that you need for your Mapping Matrix.

Currency for

Core units

SHBHCUT001  Design Hair structures

SHBHCUT002    Create one Length or Solid Haircut Structures

SHBHCUT003    Create Graduated Haircut structures

SHBHCUT004    Create Layered Haircut Structures

SHBHCUT005    Cut Hair using over-comb Techniques

Currency For

Elective Units

Group A General Hairdressing

SHBHCUT006    Create combined Haircut Structures

SHBHCUT007    Create Combined Traditional & Classic Men’s Haircut Structures

Purchase your Currency Training

How will we Achieve this:

It is as Simple as:

  • TAFE / RTO Teachers can purchase a ticket by clicking on the “Purchase your Currency Training” Button
  • Join our private facebook group “Teacher currency Network” and you will receive full instructions for your education
  • Choose from one or all of the dates in October, November or December.
  • Tune into the LIVE video for a two hour “Look & Learn” Session on your chosen date.
  • Receive your Certificate of Industry Currency, we will demonstrate industry variations for all seven cutting units, each variation is industry current, and on Commercial Fashion Trend.

All sessions will be conducted by Kylie Dwyer, director of Elite Hair Education, or by an Industry Expert with current qualification.

Currency Training Dates:

OCTOBER: Saturday 12th from 10am until 12 noon

NOVEMBER: Monday the 4th from 6pm until 8pm

DECEMBER:  Friday the 13th from 10am until 12 noon (non teaching week)


All participants will remain as members of the facebook group. Members can use this group as a forum and network hub for teachers across Australia, so that we can increase the resources we can provide, thereby assisting members of the group with future currency issues and teaching needs.

Evidence to demonstrate the Industry Currency of trainers skills that we will provide include documentation related to:

  • Attendance at relevant professional development activities provided by Elite Hair Education
  • Participation in networks, communities of practice or mentoring activities related to the face book group
  • Participation in projects with industry that we may be able work with.

All Teachers who purchase a ticket will be issued a PDF Certificate of participation, for use as part of your evidence of Industry Currency, contained in the seven cutting units.

Total Cost is $297.00 gst Included

Purchase your Currency Training