This 90 Minute In-Depth Presentation will explain Price Structure, Price Rise strategy and how to strengthen your Market position by adding perceived value for your clients.

Learn how to accurately calculate your salon prices, using Cost + Margin Pricing then project your hourly pricing needs as “seat time”, from there you are able to manoeuvre your service price point and place your business into the market where you can maximise your profit.

We Will be Discussing:

Market Pricing:Why & how it affects business
Perceived Value Pricing& How to apply this model to your Price Strategy
Cost+margin pricing:
  • Calculation & Data entry onto your APP
  •   Understanding your Expenses
  •   Productive Hours & Downtime
  •   Staff Targets & Benchmarking
  •   Determining your Seat Time Price
Price List Analysis, Price Strategy for your Salon
Targeting the Right Client Market: Building a clear picture of what your clients value
How Discounts affect your profit and ways to add value
Price Rise Strategy, Exploring examples of effective strategies
Understanding Bonus Structure, types of Bonus and Commission Structures