Scissor Licence is designed to produce industry ready Stylists. Full of confidence and in-depth knowledge. The Program consists of  a combination of  three workshops, a total of 7 days of intensive cutting education spread over approximately 12-16 months. Students must be enrolled in, or have completed Cert iii education at TAFE or college.

The package consists of:

  1. Foundation Cutting Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th February
  2. Bootcamp Cutting Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th August
  3. Finishing School Cutting Mon 1st & Tues 2nd February
  4. 1x Complimentary Excellent Edges First edge Scissor Kit (Free with each registration RRP $295)
  5. Weekly payment plan and low deposit.
  6. Class Limited to 12 students per Region

Scissor Licence Round 2:

  1. Foundation Cutting Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th September
  2. Bootcamp Cutting Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th February
  3. Finishing School Cutting Date to be Advised


The benefits of enrolling in the Scissor Licence Program extend beyond the cutting workshops. As a stylist Progresses through the cutting program our educators will be in contact to assist them with any problems they are experiencing. They will also receive substantial discounts and support from our brand partners like Excellent Edges Scissors and Education rebates to other workshops presented by Elite hair education.

What to Bring? Cutting Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Razor Sectioning Clips,Water Spray , Comb, Hair Dryer

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Scissor Licence Canberra 2020 $283.50

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