with Phoebe Shaw

Designed to provide the emerging stylist with a solid foiling framework that will give them the skill so they can confidently apply foils, in a commercial time frame, producing the result that your the client has requested.

Stage 1

Core Foiling Techniques: Two Days 

Day 1- Theory & Practical: The fundamentals of foil sectioning, placement and type of weave (On mannequin)

Day 2- Practical: Classic foiling techniques, trouble shooting problems that happen with foiling and solution. (On mannequin).

Stage 2

Precision Foiling: Two Days

Day 1- Theory & Practical: Directional foiling techniques & fashion Techniques. (On mannequin)

Day 2- Practical Techniques, Foiliage, Balyage & freehand colour. (On mannequin).

Stage ONE & TWO:  

4 Day entire Program $1,790 +gst


Elite Hair Education Foiling Kit for each student  (tail comb, sectioning clips, coloured brushes)


Mannequin supplied for use on day one


Individual Workshops and Payment plans

Stage ONE (2 days) $995+gst

Stage TWO (2 days) $995+gst

$200 OFF if you book Stage One & Stage Two ($1990-$200=$1790)+gst

Payment plan @ $50 p/w (no fees or charges)