Unique – Revolutionary – Patented

HeadBed is the all new, unique and truly innovative Head and Neck Support Cushion, finally solving the problem of client discomfort at the shampoo bowl.

The HeadBed head and neck support cushion will provide ultimate comfort and safety for your client at the shampoo bowl. HeadBed is new to market and has been designed to fit the standard shampoo bowl.

Suitable for shampoo bowls.

HeadBed is a small platform that is built into a rubber cushion that sits on a shampoo bowl. It assists in placing clients in the optimal position for all shampoo bowl services as it is designed to support the head at its heaviest point, the occipital bone.

As a result your clients can lay back, relax and enjoy pre-service shampoos, treatments and post-treatments without discomfort or pain.


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